Monday, February 24, 2014

Christmas Gift Giving - Handmade Pillows & an Owl

Delayed posts that have been sitting ready to post since Christmas, I know I am a slack blogger, I have had issues lately with blogger and just put aside for a day when I was feeling less pressured and stressed to sort it out..... now I have no idea what it was as today, I just thought I would play and it worked like last year so I don't know what I was doing in January or early February when I tried but, you will now see the posts I started back from Nov and Dec coming here you are my Christmas Gift Giving Handmade style.

Excuse the really bad phone images, but I was under the pump with these gifts, to get them ready for the special Christmas delivery courier in the form of Aunty Stacey, such big parcels would have been huge postage...

and for the mumma of these three, she already has a pillow but i had kept the off cuts from her raggy pillow and I have made this super cute OWL, inspired by pinterest pins of course.... 

 I loved playing with the tulle for her eyelashes....she is the cutest owl I have seen.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

SSCS - Scent and Recieved

Another year in the wonderful SSCS exchange, this year I sent my gift off to New Zealand and my lucky Recipent is Michelle 

I stalked Michelle's blog many times, before settling on this item.

What makes gift giving even more pleasurable is the response of a gift received and you can read Michelle's excitement here in her blog post

Now onto my excitement, although it has been delayed, I pre-planned this post so all I had to do was put the images in once I had opened my gift and it would be up quick.....but, I kid you not I have been flat chat with house painting....and have only put the PC on 3 times in since Christmas  and each time, I have intended to do it...but it just hasn't happened, then this morning I have set up the painter (aka darling daughter and said I will be back when I have blogged)

.......I received, a wonderful package of goodies all the way from the Nevada USA from Elf Ruth, it appears Elf Ruth is a bit shy, and I have no email to thank her on, I have left a message on her blog and I really appreciate the work that's gone into my gift. It will certainly be gracing the decorations next Christmas. I apologise for my tardiness.

You can see the lovely ornament I received in this blog post  and my main gift was this wonderful Christmas Table Runner....

Thanks again Chookyblue for organising such a fun event.... I look forward to it every year I do hope that 2014 SSCS happens

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reclaimed Timber - Belaroma Cafe refurb

My husbands passion for Timber is really showing in all the work he has been doing of late, but if you get a chance to stop by Belaroma Coffee Centre, be sure to check out his latest work that he has completed in the last couple of weeks.... 

these two are before photos, of the faux stainless benches

raw reclaimed timber with coffee bag inserts

and the completed look...stained and ready for use.

I am very impressed and I think from all comments Belaroma are happy. what do you think???

SSCS... the sleigh has landed

Well the sleigh, has landed I was getting a little worried, but I shouldn't have bothered, Santa's all good, and did a great job of arriving from Nevada USA - thank you Elf Ruth - my ornament is looking good don't you think and so me :)

The gift is the only one under my tree so far, and is oh so tempting, but I will be good, although that naughty elf is tempting me with drinks....just wish he could get the lid off.

Thank you and Merry Christmas chooky blue without you this swap wouldn't be....and I love my swap!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Repainting the house

I am pretty sure that 20 years ago, I never said I was going to do it again, but alas it comes around that it needs it so Last weekend we got to and started.  It's only taken me 3 months to commit to the colour and even still as I started on the front of the house, I was still calling hubby who was at his favourite shop grab some more colour charts I am still not sure!!!
still testing it out

And before he was home, I had decided that he was going back for the big tin, yep I committed and it was all paint brushes at the ready to keep this is how far we got in one day....

So then it was whilst your still at Bunnings hubby dearest can you get me some RED paint, the front door's going RED.

 So home with Red paint and bigger tin of house paint in my designer mix  of Kikki K Grey (yes it's the same colour on their grey and white bags, i feel in love with it 3 months ago after a shopping trip). And some help from the hubby, yes I don't climb ladders - I do lay down and do low jobs, but no climbing for me - we progressed and progressed

Before sitting back and admiring the days work....this was last Sunday, the plans are to keep going this week...with a son and hubby at the back with more progress shots later


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